Professional Bartender for Your Event

For any party or event, there must be present the drink of Bacchus, otherwise you risk having a boring party. Today alcoholic beverages are much more diverse than during the Roman empire. Not only you have a large variety of types of beverages, but also you can mix them up to obtain new amazing aromas and tastes. There is an art to mix various beverages to obtain an amazing cocktail. You cannot just mix two alcoholic beverages and expect to obtain a good taste. Furthermore, if you are organizing a party or event, then you will need to get bartenders for hire, and expect them to be professionals. I will tell you in this short article about a mobile bar that you can get for any event.

Mixes from Mars was established in 2013, and during their activity they have made more than 50000 cocktails and had more than 500 satisfied clients. Companies like Google, HBO, BP, HP and many others have used their drinks catering services. If you get a Mixologist for hireĀ from Mixes from Mars, you can be expected to be used only freshly prepared ingredients. In many cocktails are used exotic fruits or ingredients that can spoil fast. It is imperative to have the freshest items, otherwise you risk ruining the taste or even provoke a health issue. The professional bartender from Mixes from Mars will create the perfect blend of alcoholic beverages, that you can expect to taste amazing using techniques like molecular mixology. This allows the users to add precise quantities that will produce the desired taste. Furthermore, cocktail drinks are not only about the taste, but how they are delivered and how they look aesthetically. When the cocktails are prepared, you can expect to see an amazing show from the event bartender. All the moves will be eye-catching. If you want a bespoke bar, with drinks that will be themed to the event you are organizing, then Mixes from Mars is your perfect choice.

Mixes from Mars provides new ideas for your event. You can host a cocktail workshop for your guests, and they will be able to create their own drinks, or you can learn the science behind mixing different beverages to obtain the perfect drink. To find out more information about the cocktail catering services, I advise you to visit Mixes from Mars website or contact one of the representative by phone or email.

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