How to become a whisky ambassador in Singapore?

There is nothing more relaxing and rewarding after a long work day or a stressful week than a glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage. From whisky to wine to cocktails with a twist we all have our small guilty pleasures that we indulge in every now and then. However, there is more to proper drinking than buying an expensive bottle of your favorite booze and if you want to unveil the secretes behind proper wining during your dining.  And this is exactly what The Beverage Clique is offering.

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Whether you are looking for a wine course to partake in your free time or you want to start your career as a sommelier and you need a certificate to start your professional journey, The Beverage Clique is one of the professional services that will get you all the training you need to become a wine expert and excel in your endeavors.  Since 2016 the agency has provided its services in consultancy and training services in the field of wines and spirits.  The Beverage Clique basically has three areas of expertise that you can pursue in learning: wine, whisky and Japanese sake.

Regardless if you choose the Whisky Workshop, the sake workshop, or the famed wine course, you are guaranteed to receive the knowledge and the skills to become a seasoned sommelier, get your WSET whisky or become a whisky ambassador. On top of that you will experience a lot of fun and entertainment. Who can enroll in a wine or sake workshop at the Beverage Clique? Anyone with profound interest in alcoholic beverages. You can join a workshop with your friends and family, you can present it as a gift to your pal or you can hire the Beverage Clique to instruct and train your staff. No matter why you choose it, you can expect internationally recognized and highly expert instructors, top of the line teaching techniques and settings, but most importantly you will be part of a highly dynamic and challenging field of beverage experts including, Whisky Ambassador and WSET Singapore.

For more information about The Beverage Clique visit their website and join one of their amazing workshops. From now on, you will be able to actually tell what kind of wine you are drinking and label it with tags such as “rich fruity flavor” or “refined oak aroma”, but above all you will be able to appreciate to the full extent the large spectrum of taste in your glass and even flirt with a new career.

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